Our overarching goal is to gather innumerable company of men and women to offer unadulterated worship in his presence consistently and continually with our path shining brighter and brighter until his appearing (Hebrew 13:15)

There are no strangers in heaven, and if worship is our major preoccupation in heaven we MUST live it here and now (Matthew 6:10).  No one will wake up surprised to be in heaven; a conscious decision for Christ must have been made (Romans 10:9-10).

WIHP ministry aspires to get tens, hundreds, thousands and millions of people consistently doing here on earth what we will be solely engaged in, in heaven. We desire a prolonged period of sincere heartfelt worship as we forget ourselves and throw ourselves at the masters’ feet, we won’t rush in and out, and our goal is to spend as much time before Him in soaking love, adoration, admiration and respect.

We desire a time of separation alone with the Lover, our concern is to get everyone enjoy a protracted time in passionate desire for the bridegroom Jesus, when you are with a lover you don’t rush, we want Him to know He is all that matters and time can stand still when we are with Him enjoying His presence (Psalm 73:25).