Our guiding light for the call is to create an atmosphere where strong love and respect is lavished on the only one who deserves such adoration, our Lord God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

 Such atmosphere will cause the bridegroom Jesus to make Himself manifest in the midst of the people (Psalm 22:3) An atmosphere of expression of sincere love to Christ without any form of reservation will undoubtedly create a commotion of God’s supernatural works bringing diverse testimonies of God’s great acts as the people are sold out and engrossed in worship and deep expression of love to the bridegroom Jesus.

 At WIHP ministries we lavish extravagant love to Christ and encourage everyone to dive into it (Psalm 63:1). We are aware the foundation of our relationship with Christ was built on love and this love we aspire to express to Him in ways beyond comprehension. We will pursue this love until we experience the depth of this love for ourselves and are truly knitted and one with Him (Psalm 16:2).