The crux of the gospel of salvation is getting people everywhere reconciled to God the father in all sincerity of heart and purpose (1Tim 2:4)

The whole essence of moments of worship is to let people see that real lasting love isn’t outside Christ; but only in Christ can the world know love in its truest and purest form. While we pour out our love in worship, we in trusting prayer and faith believe that those who have not tasted the love that exist in Christ and the joy that accompany it will be drawn by the thicknesses of Love’s divine presence amongst us (1Kings 8:10-12)

God is love, nothing can quench God love, love compelled Him to send His ONLY begotten son to die (John 3;16), love made Christ to pay the ransom for us, love still makes Him run after you. (2 Peter 3:9)

Oh what great joy the day love is returned back with a Yes I do (Luke 15:10). Our hearts cry is to see unsaved souls say Yes I Do to the bridegroom Jesus.