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  • Mar 05, 2015

For every written word or prophetic utterance, there is a stirring of all relevant factors to ensure fulfillment Ezra 1:1, the Lord STIRRED up the spirit of Cyrus to ensure the fulfillment of the word spoken in Jeremiah 29:10. Remember something or someone was stirred up. Our part is agreeing to the spoken word and moving into it. Nothing just happens you can’t be docile and expect to win; you’ve got to do something. Imagine a young man who desires to have a young lady for a wife, he sees her day in day out and remains docile not taking steps or actions even if he had received a witness within that she is his wife. With no action he wouldn’t see the fulfillment of his desires, nothing just happens, there must be a stirring up for results to be accomplished. What is that word that was spoken about your life, future and destiny? What have you done about it or towards it? Blessed is she that believeth for there shall be a fulfillment of that which were told her from the Lord. (Luke 1:45)

When a word is spoken prophetically we need to prayerfully dive into that word (1Tim 1:18). God is ever so faithful, bible says He honors’ His word above His name, If it is something written in the word, be sure to hold tight to it because it will SURELY come to pass. Believe it, confess it, apply it, and definitely you will manifest it.

I remember several years ago as a young employee in the Nigerian civil service with a monthly salary of about N17, 000 ($90), it could barely take me through the month.  With water pipes well connected around the apartment, I had to be buying water to bath, cook, wash etc though the pipes are in place there was no supply. One day I got desperate and spoke to the pipe, I said pipe you are well connected here and meant to supply water to the house and Father your word says whatsoever we desire when we pray we should believe it and it will come to pass, therefore I desire that water begin to flow. Oh it’s good to pray desperate prayers because I didn’t have any money to buy water; I was at my low moments God just has to come through for me. Guess what happened? Am sure you guessed right, the very same day I got back from work to find water running through the same old dry pipe, isn’t God faithful?

What do you believe God for? Is your faith being stretched? Just apply your faith believe God for exactly what He says and watch all relevant force in the atmosphere become stirred up to ensure that the word is fulfilled in your life and situation.  The elements of the earth, moon, stars, sun etc will align themselves and work together to ensure the word of God comes to pass.  Remember He is a God that honors’ His word. He is too dignified to say one thing and do another. If he says it believe it because it will surely come to pass. PEACE